Design Challenge: Typeface Animal

This design challenge is to create an animal only using the letters that make up the animal’s name as your shapes, lines, and textures. Can the letter “A” become a nose or the letter “i” a unicorn mane? Carefully select a single typeface to match your animal; you can change the size, color, position, and weight. You can flip the letters horizontal or vertical but never, never change any letter by stretching or distorting.
You may use upper and lower case letters, bold, italic, and any other version in the type family.
You can use the letters in the animal’s name as many times as you want, but each letter in the name must be used at least once. No other objects, shapes, or lines can be used in the animal. Color and value may be used but must be contained by the letter’s shape.
Backgrounds may be used if they are 100% yours- copyright belonging to you.

Required Reading assignment required for this project: Anatomy, Size and Scale

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