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Welcome to CTC Graphic Design Class of 20-21 and to what will definitely be an interesting year!
Design touches everything in your life, from the packaging of your breakfast cereal to the logo on the clothes you
wear. The world of design is a fast-paced and exciting one. Emily and I personally enjoy working in the field as a
freelance designer and look forward to teaching what we have learned.
You have chosen to attend the Careerline Tech Center to prepare yourself for the real world of design. The
Graphic Design classroom, lab, and online classes will be conducted as if you were a designer working in a
real design studio. We will be acting as your art directors and guiding you through real contests and projects so you can build a
professional portfolio. To help you understand exactly what is expected of you, please read the rest of this classroom management
handbook and the CTC handbook available at www.oaisd.org/downloads/ctcstudent_services/ctc_student_handbook.pdf
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask or e-mail them to us anytime at:
(Sally) ssalkows@oaisd.org (Emily) enewell@oaisd.org

Important! Download the Full Handbook 2020-21 PDF or click the image to download

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