Weekly Challenge 1 the week of May 18th, 2020

Challenge #1 May 18- May 22
Most of us are used to drawing with dark material on white paper; Photoshop even starts out a new document with a blank white “paper” and black as the reset color of choice. This practice has trained us to start each new design/illustration, even a thumbnail by adding dark values to white and not really thinking about the power of the lighter values.

When we reverse this thinking by designing/drawing with white material on black paper, the process is the opposite.

This challenge is to train your mind to deal with the lighter values and leave the darker values to the tone of the surface. This reversal can be challenging, but important in our development as designers and artists.

Media is flexible; work with the medium you have access to; yes you can try more than one, have fun!

This Challenge is due at Friday, May 22nd at the 2:00 pm zoom.

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