Options for A B C Update, Week of April 27th

Option A
Look at how weird (or not) Design firm names can be – we will check out real firms, studios, and agencies from around the world and see if their names match their websites and your expectations… a prize for the strangest name found and e-mailed (ssalkows@oaisd.org) to me by Wed. 4/29 at midnight!
* you will get an e-mail from Sally with more info/links
The name of your design studio is the first thing your clients will encounter…what is the impression you want them to get right away? What kind of clients do you want to attract? What impression do you get from the name I work under: Creatively Done? Does my website match your expectations?

Option B
Go to our website: ssalkowski.com and check out the list of competitions…click on links and gather information, look at deadlines, requirements, and of course prize money! If you find a competition on your own that you would rather do…please share!   You are required to do one…but compete in as many as you want, the sky is the limit and hey who doesn’t like winning prizes and fame?
By Wed you should e-mail Sally or Emily the competition you’d like to do…next step is the Creative Process: you will have done the research, so after Wed. you will begin Thumbnail sketches 3 min, 10 max.

Option C
We are glad you are part of our creative community; it would exist without you! This week please join our Monday and Friday zoom meetings at: am 1:00 and pm 2:00 pm (you can join either one). We would love it if you want to give feedback on T-shirt designs for our class- just type your thoughts in the CHAT section in Zoom or if you want to un-mute your talk option and speak up.
Check out our website: ssalkowski.com for cool design stuff and class updates!

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